Hot Corner Magic Launches!

What happened to a young man’s fancy turning to love?”

Everyone knows a young man’s fancy turns to love in the springtime, right? The love of baseball. To celebrate that love, that passion which beats in the hearts of red-blooded American young men and young women, and most everyone else, I’m launching my homage to America’s Favorite Pastime – Baseball.

I was introduced to the game of baseball in my early years while watching my four older brothers play in our home in Northern Utah. My love of the game grew when we went on a fabulous vacation to California and took in a ballgame at Dodger Stadium. My love of everything Dodger Blue resulted from that experience.

LOS ANGELES – APRIL 12: Arizona Diamondbacks against the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 12, 2016 at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California.

My brother, Dale, taught me how to score the plays and from then on, I knew the ins and outs, the fine nuances, and slick finesses of the game. Just like the beloved “Skipper,” Tommy Lasorda, the manager of the Dodgers, if I’m cut, I’ll bleed Dodger Blue. Most seasons I watch most of the games the “boys of summer” play and root them on to victory. Sometimes I’m able to drag my husband, Tim – who is NOT a sports fan – to some Dodger home games, there to enjoy fresh roasted peanuts and Dodger dogs.

For the love of the game, I have written this novella – a humorous tale of redemption, grit, and love. I hope you’ll adore it as much as I do.

For the love of the game…

During the hot ’49 summer baseball season, the Sox’s hot corner – third baseman – Rudy Fleming, fouls out, and slides into the bottle, landing himself in a minor league team in Texas.

Can a bull-headed, tough-talking manager and a dark-haired angel named, Rebecca, coach Rudy to swing for the fences to save his career, his life, and get the magic back at hot corner, or will he strike out for good?

Rudy Fleming, hot shot hot corner — third baseman — for the Red Sox back in 1948.


“El Toro’s got plenty a’ arrows in his quiver.” Jiggs grinned.
“It’s an all fired shame we don’t knock some runs behind him when he tosses a game.”
“The team’s that bad, huh?” Rudy peered at Jiggs.
“Like trying to put socks on a rooster.” Jiggs leaned close. “Buzz was sort a countin’ on you being the glue that would hold the wool on the sheep.”
Rudy needed a drink something fierce if Jiggs’s sayings made sense.


Rebecca Lynn O’Neil, the granddaughter of Rudy’s Texas League Coach and forbidden fruit!

Rebecca Lynn – his unrelenting conscience and his ministering angel with kisses sweeter than honeycomb. Well, Rudy’d see about getting around her granddaddy.
Jiggs laughed. “She’s pretty as twelve acres of pregnant red hogs, ain’t she?”
Rudy laughed out loud. “She surely is.” But he was here to play ball. He should keep his mind on that instead of the honeyed lips of Rebecca O’Neil.
He should … but he wouldn’t.

“As I got lost in the narrative, I immersed myself in a past filled with the sounds of a baseball field – the crack of the bat as the ball is hit, the roars and jeers of the crowd combined with the smells of roasting hot dogs under the warm summer sun. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.” ~ Keri K.

“This was a good book. I enjoyed the main character having a dilemma that he had to solve.” ~ Debbie S.


Knock one over the fence and get your copy of an essential story of baseball and love with “Hot Corner Magic.”

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“Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.”

Yogi Berra – Manager of the New York Yankees

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