Carol's Bio

An award winning novelist, I write new-pulp-fiction suspense kissed with romance that rockets readers into the past to uncover a hard-fought happily-ever-after. Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night is the first novel I punched out under the Fight Card banner co-created by Paul Bishop.

If not hammering out new tales, I am reading, watching the Dodgers and Vin Scully’s last year as their announcer, reruns of Castle, with my sci-fi author husband on the coast of California. I do love to connect with my readers and invites you to chat with me any time and about, especially amour and sports.


Carol's Longer Bio:

For award winning author, Carol Malone, living with passion means discovering what you’re good at and doing what you love. Happiest when she’s painting word pictures, her passion is cranking out sweet, tender romance stories in the historical, suspense, sports, and pulp-esk Nóir genres.

Carol’s contemporary story, “The Garden,” about a mother of a drug addicted son, was honored in the Moorpark Community College’s literary magazine, the Moorpark Review in 2012. A year later, her novel, “Ladies Night,” a Fight-Card boxing romance novel—think the “Sweet Science” of fisticuffs in Los Angeles, 1954, meets young love, the mob, and murder—was ePubbed under the Fight-Card Series on Amazon. Following that up is her “Ladies Night Christmas,” and a sweet historical romance novella, “Summer Holiday” all available on Amazon.

Carol is the V.P. of the Romance Writer’s of America® online Outreach Romance Writer’s of America. She is the Facebook Manager for the From The Heart Romance Writer’s of America,  and is the Newsletter Editor and Social Media Manager for her local county’s writing group, the Ventura County Writers Club.

Carol lives with her sweetheart, Tim, married nearly thirty-four years in sunny Ventura County, sometimes using her community as the setting for many of her novels. For pleasure and research, she reads an average of 120 novels per year. At night you’ll find her reading a novel at the same time she is watching TV, perferring dance-and-singing reality shows—dreaming she’s a graceful dancer like those tangoing across the TV screen, and wishing she had continued her opera training after college. At the moment, she is content to sing in the church choir at her local congregation of the LDS (Mormon) church. A fan of The Food Network, Carol indulges in her passions for cooking gourmet meals, and eating too much chocolate. But seriously, can you eat too much chocolate?

You can Tweet Carol at: @CarolAnneMalone. Or visit her many book images at Pinterest. Take a look at her Amazon Author page for the latest in publications. She’d love to hear from you. You can send her an email at


Carol's Life Story

Carol had a happy childhood growing up among the Rocky Mountains in a small town in Northern Utah filled with quirky characters. Her dad raised chickens–thousands and thousands of chickens. Eventually he branched out into turkeys. You might say her family had a “fowl” life. She has special memories of happy times. Growing up as the youngest of five and the only girl, she had to learn real fast how to defend herself. Finger bending became her weapon of choice. Because of the age difference between her and her brothers, she was raised like an only child, creating her own story world of make-believe. When the chicken business failed, her family moved to the worldly land of Southern California. It took her a long time to fit in with the kids in grade school, so profound was the culture shock.

She wrote her first romance short story at the age of sixteen. A little piece about a slice of early American history and two people finding love and passion on the prairie. She received an A for her effort and fell in love with romance. In college she wrote barely passable poetry, but discovered the world of painting pictures with words. She tried short fiction after college, writing short stories about people who lived with fervor and intensity. She even wrote a screen play for Battlestar Galactica–the first one. But then she met her sweetheart, Tim, her greatest cheerleader.  Sis-boom-bah! Carol’s the best, you bet-cha!

Raising her son, Mike, became her full-time passion. She didn’t write again until she returned to college later in life and took English writing courses from inspirational professors. It was then her creative muse smacked her upside the head and what spilled out of her brain were six romantic manuscripts in one year. Writing fills a need that she can’t get satiated in any other way. It’s like an extended form of breathing for her. She whole-heartedly believe there’s truth to the saying: “publish or die.” She hopes to live and bathe in her creative juices for many years to come.

For Carol, writing is the journey and the destination, the place where dreams become reality.

Carol's childhood memories:

olsens 11

Carol and her family at the funeral for her Grandfather, Edward Price Oldham. Carol’s the one in the front. Back:  her next oldest brother, David, behind him, Reed, her mom, Helen Oldham Olsen, her dad, Paul Lund Olsen and her oldest brother, Scott. Her other brother, Dale is in front of her dad.

olsens 8

Carol’s early life was indeed “fowl.” She said you should have heard the cheeping noise.

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And her animals were the love of her young life.