I know of only one other experience of creation that could compare to holding a book in your hands that you’ve just written, and that’s giving birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl. There aren’t enough words in the English language to adequately describe my thrill, the sense of accomplishment, or the gratitude in my heart for the Lord’s blessing to me. As God’s children, we have all been blessed with gifts. Some are more spiritual. Some more temporal, but all can and do bless the lives of others if used with God’s service in mind.

I’ve always loved English and literature and recently took every English course Moorpark College offered in order to deepen my skills and my understanding of the written language. My husband, Tim might say I still don’t possess those skills, but that didn’t stop me from churning out a novel I was able to ePublish. Now I have the physical proof in my hot little hands.

As soon as the book becomes available for purchase, I do hope you’ll take a chance on a newbie in the field of novel writing and give “Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night” a fighting chance. I know my characters, Jimmy and Lindy will punch a hole right though your heart and you’ll love them nearly as much as I do.

With a big Yippee! and a rousing Yahoo! I’m going to get the book ready for print-on-demand so you can thrill to the fist-popping action that is the hallmark of Fight Card and Paul Bishop and Mel Odom’s dream baby. To Paul and Mel I say, “thanks for the fighting chance to be included in your stories of yesteryear that pack a wallop each and every one of the stories.


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