KatiesRescuePamela Tracy’s “Katie’s Rescue”

KatiesRescueTraumatized Katie Vincent is threatened with the return of her father’s wild animal menagerie unless she can leave her sign-language job in Texas and drive to Tuscan, Arizona and save a panther from death. Vivid memories of what the sibling of this big cat did to her little sister haunt Katie, but the threat of having all the animals returned and giving back the money has Katie jumping in her car for the drive.

Luke Rittenhouse, director of a wild animal park, has no recourse left but to threaten the former animal owner’s daughter with “breach of Contract,” because the big cat is dying without Katie’s love. What the two people discover is that Katie’s trauma is bone deep. Leaving a scattered and scarred little sister behind and trying to step into the enclosure with the big cat has Katie tied in knots as well as her growing feelings for the wild animal rescue park, and Luke.

I enjoyed the story of the animals and could visualize the love and care Luke offered these exotic creatures with special gifts. Luke is concerned and more than willing to give any animal in trouble, including the two legged kind, his empathy and more than enough time to heal. However, Aquila, the panther doesn’t have much time.

I really got into the story of the animals and the wild animal park. I wish there was a little more emotional connection between the two lead characters, more inner conflict about the change in their relationship, but I loved all the secondary characters and how strong Katie’s little sister really was. Can Katie, through Luke’s faith in her, reconnect with the animal she raised as a cub? Please read it and find out.

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