Publishing a book is a whole lot like giving birth. There’s lots of surprises, preparation, excitement, a great deal of sickness, anxiety, a whole boat-load of pain, and finally the dam bursts and out comes this perfect specimen for all to examine!

I would never have thought a year ago when I started Ladies Night, that I’d see the day when something I wrote would be published. I’d heard all the horror stories from major players from St. Martin’s Press, Harlequin and some independent editors that traditional publishing was the ONLY way to go, but few there be that find it. Since I wasn’t Stephen King, James Patterson or Nora Roberts, it didn’t look like there was much hope of me landing an agent, an editor, yet alone a publishing house. Who knew the whole world of publishing would spring wide open for those of us willing to take on the roles – not only of the author, but the agent, the editor, the publisher, the promoter and bookseller as well. Whew! What a lot of work.

I’m just starting to get baptized-by-the-fire of self-publishing and I’m feeling the heat. Luckily, I have a story to tell that came from deep within my soul – a place where dreams come true and everyone ends up living the happily-ever-after life. The trick is to put a lot of pressure on your characters that humble and try them before you allow them to feel free to enjoy life and romance.

But just like raising a child, there’s no guarantee they’ll do well out in the world. Some may return home needing more nurturing, a loving hand taken to them to knock off some of the rough edges. But if you have enough faith, and plenty of cash for really good editors, then nothing is impossible.

Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that my baby, ┬áLadies Night will blaze out into the world and be loved by one and all.

Here’s my official cover. Ain’t it sweet?



  1. Yep, the cover is a beauty and the story is wonderful. I know because I helped you proof-read it. You have amazing talent to tell a story. I enjoyed reading it. Well done and congratulations.

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